Our Snowy Day Activities

The perfect book for our much awaited snow day, “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats. It’s about a boy who explores the snow covered world around him. And much like Peter, in the book, my children woke up ready to go play in the snow. 

First on the list, snow angels.  They were hardly out the door, when Lil’ Miss plopped down to make the first angel. Naturally a snowball fight erupted. Then came the time to get serious and build the men of snow.

After making real snowmen outside, we headed indoors, but not without my youngest putting a snowball in her pocket (like Peter does🙂). 

My youngest made these snowgirls holding hands.

It was then time to make the paper version of snowmen. My kids made a bunch of these snowmen wreaths, and they went above and beyond decorating them. I had just planned on a simple design. However, my youngest went on to make arms and decorated hats because “something was missing”😉(see Valentine’s Day Boxes)


All you need for these snowmen are paper plates, construction paper, cotton balls, stapler, and glue. Cut the center circle out of the paper plate and use it for the head. Stable the head to the body, then cover the stables with the scarf. 

For the scarf,there are two pieces of paper. One across the neck. The second is a longer piece folded in half with tiny cuts along both ends to create fringe. Next, came the cotton balls around the body. Last but the most fun part, was adding the details.

Math Game
This math game, Mitten Roll and Color, was found at Fun Learning for Kids:


It’s quite simple, just roll the dice and color the mitten with the number rolled. As you can see from the picture, my daughter changed the game a little. She rolled and colored the mitten as expected. However, then she found another mitten with the same number and colored it the matching color to make a pair of mittens. 

MusicThis YouTube video for teaching rhythm is great! You even get a little math lesson at the end when he teaches the value of the different notes. It’s Snow Day (Rhythm lesson)   by Prodigies  Music Lessons:


A song


Here we don’t get snow but maybe once or twice a year and it doesn’t stay for long. So with snow comes melting. This experiment, Melting Magic, from STEAM Powered Family compares the same volume of ice and snow as they melt. Which do you predict gives the larger volume of water? You can set up your own test by following the steps at:


Have your children ever asked, why is snow white? We watched the YouTube video Why is Snow White by Mystery Doug. This was a great explanation and can be used for elementary aged children. There is even a link for a craft at the end of the video.


We also read the book “Pup and Bear” by Kate Banks. See what Arctic Activities we did here:


Here are a couple affiliated links to products, on Amazon, for your convenience. If you purchase via my links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

SunWorks Construction Paper


Paper Plates


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