Let’s talk Math

With children home from school, I understand that many of you are looking for school work to do with your children. I will share with you what we use. Most of our core curriculum has been purchased, and I can understand not wanting to make big purchases at this point. However, we do use some great online resources which I will also share a few here for math and STEAM.

I will state that our family is all about finding deals and buying used for all our curriculum. It has saved us hundreds of dollars. However, given today’s circumstances with COVID-19, buying used may not be the best option for your family. 

Math for Elementary Students:

Math-U-See  – We love this program! It comes with a very short instructional video for each lesson. Math-U-See is all about mastery instead of the traditional spiral method. Each lesson has worksheets and review built into every lesson so the kids never forget what they have learned in past lessons.

If you are interested you can go to the Math-U-See website and have your children take the placement test. This will tell you which program to get.


You can purchase from their website or you can find used deals on Amazon. However, if buying used, be sure to get the DVD and student workbook most importantly. You can also purchase a test book if you feel you will need it. I do not purchase the teacher book because the DVD does a great job explaining the lessons and since it is elementary math, I can check it without having an answer sheet. 

When my children have a hard time understanding a lesson, we watch the video again together and I help explain it. Then we do a couple problems together before they work on their own. Otherwise, my children do math daily on their own. I just check their work.

*Note: Math-U-See’s beginning level is Primer. This is great for 4 and 5 year olds.

Preschool Math:

I pick up number books from the Dollar Store from time to time to practice counting and writing numbers. However, kids do best with play. So we have a balance scale (purchased used through Amazon), where the number of monkeys placed on the tray are equivalent to the number itself. This has been a great activity. It can be used for adding and subtracting as well. Plus the scale is itself is great for exploring what is heavy/light. 


Please note that this post contains affiliate links to products for your convenience. If you purchase via my links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Another great number activity is to roll dice (I have even purchased 20 sided dice) and have the child jump to a piece of paper with the number written on it. To make it more difficult a can write the numbers out (ex: four, two…). You can also make it a game with a theme, as we did in our artic studies see here


Get a free printable 6 sided dice here:


Dice Games for everyone

Two dice can be rolled and depending on your child’s level of math they can either add, subtract, multiple or divide the two numbers. This is something more exciting than sitting down to a math worksheet. You can make it more challenging with the 20-sided dice. I bought my here:



STEAM activities are a great way to get some math done. And best of all your children will not complain because they are using it in a fun way to complete their project. If not familiar, STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math all in one learning activity. This is our favorite free website. Best of all you can put in the age group you need and can choose topics of interest.


Just to name a few, we have done the paper airplane challenge and the solar oven.

I hope you find this helpful. I will keep adding tips as I think of them. Also look for my coming posts on the other subjects, like language arts and writing. Stay healthy!

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