Cinco de Mayo, A Day of Learning and Fun

Perfectly, Cinco de Mayo, this year falls, on Taco Tuesday (guess what we’ll be eating for dinner ๐Ÿ˜‰). Commonly, Cinco de Mayo is confused with Mexico’s Independence day, which is actually in September. Rather, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration in honor of the Mexican victory over the French forces of Napoleon III, in the Battle of Puebla. For many Americans, it’s a day to enjoy some Mexican food. It can be a fun day to introduce our children to the country of Mexico and some of its culture (if they haven’t already been exposed).

I have broken the day down by subject providing activities for each. There are activities for Kindergarten through Elementary. Enjoy them all or pick and choose what works best for your crew. 


Older kids 3rd – 6th grade: Here is a reading passage about Cinco de Mayo and a few follow up questions.

Emergent Reader text booklet on Cinco de Mayo:


This booklet is from “School is a Happy Place”. It contains a collection of different math activities from measuring with paperclips, writing a fraction, to telling time.

(*Note this site has picture book recommendations, which I’ve included below under Picture Books along with YouTube links of their reading).

Graphing – A fun activity could be to have your children create a bar graph for Salsa. Which Salsa do most people prefer; hot, medium, or mild? Your children can survey the family as well as friends (by calling or through Messenger Kids). Here a free, blank bar graph from “Teachers Pay Teachers”:

Then if you would like, you could take it a step farther and have your children create a line graph and circle graph.

Picture Books

“School is a Happy Place” recommended two fun books to go along with our Mexican theme. Since it is not an easy task to get our hands on a physical book, I found YouTube videos of book readings for your convenience.

The first book is “Cinco de Mouse-O!” By Judy Cox. Mouse awakes to the enticing smells of Mexican cuisine. He follows his nose and finds himself in the middle of a Cinco de Mayo festival. Come experience this fiesta from mouse’s view. This book reading is brought to us by “Storybook Central.”

The second book recommended by” School is a Happy Place” is Chicks and Salsa by Aaron Reynolds. Tired of the same old food, the chicks decide to spice things up. This book reading is brought to us by “Teacher Read Aloud”:

Writing Prompts

For upper elementary students:

Cinco de Mayo commemorates a Mexican battle in which the country defeated a much larger, trained French army. Describe an example from your life when you knew someone who prevailed despite difficult odds. Why do you think most people love an underdog story?

For younger students:

Draw of picture and write the answer to both questions. 

What is your favorite food?

What is your least favorite food?


Point out Mexico on a map or globe. If you need a map of North America, click here:

Mexico is located on the continent of North America. (Review the 7 continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica)

  1. What countries border Mexico? (USA to the North and Guatemala and Belize to the South which are a part of Central America)
  2. What 2 major bodies of water border Mexico? (Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico)
  3. If you are in Mexico which direction would you have to travel to get to the USA? (North)
  4. What is the capital of Mexico? (Mexico City)

Here’s a coloring sheet of the Mexican flag:


Since Mexico has the most cacti in the world, let’s do an experiment to learn how cacti store water.


Cactus with paper flowers

Make paper Senoritas


Mariachi Band Music

Colors in Spanish

Days of week in Spanish

Head shoulders knees and toes in Spanish

Have a fun school day this Cinco de Mayo!

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