Autumn Suncatcher Mobile

This is my absolute favorite thing to make with my kids every fall. Seeing the sun shine through the colorful leaves in our windows makes the room a little more cheerful, making me smile. And what a great way to hang on to the beautiful colors of autumn a little longer!


Colorful leaves, all shapes and sizes
Laminating sheets
Hole punch
String (or fishing line)


1. Take a walk to gather your favorite leaves. Try to get a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. You will need one big leaf at the top of each mobile. I even like to gather a few small flowers that are still in bloom this time of the year, like pansies and tickseed sunflowers. I put these at the bottom of the mobile since they are small.

Leave plenty of space between the leaves and flowers when laminating (tickseed sunflowers pictured here).

2. Arrange leaves and flowers on a laminating sheet leaving about a ½ inch space between them. Then run the sheets through the laminator.

The very first leaf gets one hole on top for hanging and three below to start the columns.

3. Decide which big leaf is going to be at the top of the mobile. Cut it out leaving an ⅛ inch to ¼ inch border. Plus leave a half circle notch at the top where a hole can be punched to hang the mobile. As well as 3 half circle notches below the leaf where the columns will hang.

Leave a border around the leaves and flowers. Also leave extra space, like a semicircle notch, where a hole can be punched (represented by the blue dots).

4. Cut the rest of the leaves out leaving a ⅛ inch to ¼ inch border around the outside edge of the leaves. Plus a notch at the top and bottom of each leaf for a hole to be punched later on. If including flowers, only leave a notch at the top since they will be last on the mobile.

Layout your mobile design.

5. Arrange the mobile on the table so that you have three columns coming down from the large leaf. Place more leaves down the center column so that it will be longer than the other two. 

6. Punch holes in all of the notches. If you forgot to leave this extra space for any of the leaves you can just punch a hole in the leaf itself. For the leaves that are at the end of the columns, they don’t need a hole because nothing will hang below them. Therefore, skip the hole punch and trim off the notch.

Tie a loop to the top leaf. This will be used to hang the mobile.

7. Cut a piece of string about a foot long. Slip the piece of string through the top hole of the first leaf. Tie the two ends together making one big loop. This will be used to hang the mobile upon completion. Note: If using fishing line, it’s a little more difficult for kids to tie as it’s hard to see and slippery to work with. However, it gives the mobile a nice look since the lines are practically invisible.

Tie each leaf into place.

8. Cut a smaller piece of string and tie one end to one of the holes in the bottom of the first leaf. Then tie the other end to the top of the next leaf that will hang in that column. I like to keep the gaps relatively small at about one or two inches.

9. Tie the rest of the leaves together like described in step #8. I like to space them so that the first and third columns line up. Meanwhile the middle column is staggered.

10. If using flowers, tie them on and your mobile is complete!

11. To hang: Push a thumbtack into the middle of the window casing at the very top where it is unseen. Slip the loop you tied, at the top of the mobile, over the thumbtack. Open the blinds and let the sun shine through those beautiful leaves!

*Another way to string the mobile for older kids – There is no need to leave notches nor use the hole punch. Instead thread a needle and push it through the border of the leaves then tie the string.

Here we used pansies at the bottom.
Pretty even when the sun isn’t shining.

I hope your mobile brightens your day!


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