Giraffe Valentine’s Day Box

This cute Valentine’s Day box will make a “big” impression at your child’s next Valentine’s Day party.


Shoe box

A rectangular box smaller than the shoe box

1 paper towel roll

4 toilet paper rolls

Wrapping paper

Craft foam -brown, white, and any color for the eyes

Gift wrapping string

Old cereal box (or piece of cardboard)


Hot glue gun 

Glue sticks



Cut an opening in the lid of the big shoe box. This will be the letter drop as well as where the box will be emptied. Be sure to make it large enough for not only cards but also the little goodies that often accompany them. This will be the giraffe’s body.

Wrap the big shoe box (body) in wrapping paper like you would for a present, covering the hole only temporarily. Now cut a slit in the paper where the center of the hole is located. From the center, cut a line to each corner of the hole. Fold and tape the excess paper on the underside of the lid. 

Now wrap the smaller box plus the paper towel roll and toilet paper rolls. Only wrap the tube portion of the rolls and do not cover the ends.

Cut small slits in the top of the rolls and fold over to create a flat surface.

Take the paper towel roll and cut about 9 small ¼ inch slits around the top. In doing so you have created tabs. Bend these tabs over to the outside of the tube. Repeat on the bottom of the paper towel roll. This is the giraffe’s neck. (See picture above)

Hot glue the tabs of the neck on one end and press into place on the giraffe’s body. 

Next, turn the smaller rectangular box on it’s side so that it will lay long and narrow for the head. Hot glue the tabs at the tops of the neck. Then place the head on top. Hold until dry. 

Now cut ¼ inch slits around only one end of each toilet paper roll. Fold out like you did with the for the neck. These will be the giraffe’s legs. Try to cut all the slits to the same length so your giraffe sits flat. Hot glue the tabs and attach each one to the bottom of the body.

Now that you have assembled your giraffe, it’s time to add the details. 

Ears: Cut 2 triangles for ears. Curl the two bottom angles in to make a cone-like shape. Tape the ends in place then glue them on the sides of the head. 

Eyes: Cut 2 large circles from craft foam and 2 smaller circles from any color craft foam. Hot glue together and then onto the head.

Horns: Cut 2 long thin rectangle strips from an old cereal box. Wrap these in wrapping paper. Fold over a ¼ to a ½ inch of the strip’s end creating another tab. Hot glue the bottom of the tab and glue to the top of the head. Cut out four small circles from brown craft foam. Glue two circles to each horn, by placing one in front and the other in back.

Hair: Cut a bunch of 2 inch pieces of gift wrapping string. Glue the middle of each piece down the back of the neck.

Tail: cut about 2-3 long strands of gift wrapping string (maybe 4 to 5 inches long). Wrap the top part with wrapping paper, leaving only about 1 ½ inches of gift wrapping string exposed. This will make a tail with “hair” protruding from the end. Glue the top of the tail to the back end of the giraffe. 

Other details you can add are a bow and name tag.

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Have fun making your Valentine’s Day box with your children!

With a grateful heart,


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