Valentine’s Day Boxes

Another Valentine’s is in the books. We have had two days of celebration and learning with our wonderful friends. Activities were all across the board, from measuring with Marshmallows to musical chairs. Plus we had a lot of fun making these three Valentine’s Day boxes.

Learn how to make your own by clicking on this picture.

My kids and I love making Valentine’s Day boxes for the party each year. This year my 4 year old was old enough to help with her box, and interested enough to give her opinion… And give her opinion she did😉. She wanted her box to be a giraffe. No surprise there. She helped me wrap the boxes in wrapping paper. Then she watched and directed as I glued the pieces together. After it was fully assembled, she said, “It needs something…I know a bow!” So we came up with a plan to make a bow using hearts. 

When she was happy with it, I glued it on. “Hmmm I think it’s missing something… It needs nostrils!” 😄 So sweet!

Giraffe Valentine’s Day Box Learn how to make your own giraffe box here.

Owl made from a cereal box and craft foam

My 7year old daughter made this owl from a cereal box, craft foam pre-cut hearts and craft foam sheets. She placed the hearts on upside down to create the look of feathers. The hearts were used as well for wings. Then she cut the craft foam for the face, ears, beak and eyes. She also added a bow to her owl🙂. Then we had the problem of where to place her name; because my daughter didn’t want to cover any part of her owl. Therefore, we decided to make a sign for the owl to hold in its wing. She hot glued the sign to a wooden skewer, then to the wing. Ta-da! Too cute!

Baby Yoda made from craft foam

Inspired by the Disney series Mandalorian, my son wanted to make baby Yoda this year. So I printed out this pattern for him from Fun Money Mom:

Then I left him to it. He traced some of the pattern and other pieces he eyeballed and cut it out himself. He even made a little box for Yoda to sit in and collect cards, instead of cutting a hole in the Yoda box itself. With his cards he handed out plastic frogs (his idea🙂), as they are baby Yoda’s favorite snack. He did a great job!

Here are a couple pictures of my son’s and my daughter’s boxes from the last two years. Have you ever watched Odd Bods or Canimals? If you have, you may recognize these guys🙂.

Canimals Valentine’s Day Boxes

These Canimal characters were created with two round boxes each, acrylic paint and craft foam. The dog also has 2bells glued on its collar. Whereas, Leo, the lizard has giant store bought eyes (from Michaels).

Odd Bods Valentine’s Day Boxes

These Odd Bod characters are made from Gatorade bottles. The bottles are covered with felt. Their faces and feet are made from construction paper. Each one is glued to the top of a wrapped box, which is where the Valentine’s are dropped.

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day!

With a grateful heart,


Sometimes Baby Yoda likes to join us for dinner 🙂.

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