Is It Really A Bother

Is It Really A Bother

Is it really a bother to...

Turn off the lights,
Have one meatless night,
Walk whenever it's possible,
Use napkins that are washable,
Have a water bottle that's reusable,
Compost scraps that are biodegradable.

Is it really a bother to TRY?
Earth pleads PLEASE.

At times it can seem overwhelming. There are so many changes we need to make in order to try to save earth. Some people  jump right in trying to change everything all at once. Some may think  there are billions of people in the world, so what difference could I possibly make. And then there are those who want to do their part, but are frustrated by not being able to afford organic or green products. Any of these could result in feeling overwhelmed and lead to giving up.

That’s why I’m going to ask you to pick one new way to help the environment. It could be something mentioned in this poem, or another idea. Please do the chosen change for one whole month so that it becomes a habit. After you have conquered this, try to take on one more change. Keeping with it until it has become a natural part of your routine. Continue with this method creating new habits. Baby steps to win it.

Let’s celebrate Earth Day by TRYING and making a change to help the environment.

I think cloth napkins get a bad wrap but my family loves them! We prefer them to the flimsy paper napkins. They can be be easy and cheap to make. Here’s how we make ours DIY Cloth Napkins.

De Jackson at dVerse challenged us to write a quadrille, a poem with exactly 44 words, including the word bother.

I’m also sharing this with earthweal. Brandon asked us to write about changes to help the environment as this week is Earth Day.

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Thank you for stopping by. Have a happy Earth Day!
With a grateful heart,

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Welcome new friends. I'm Heather, a homeschooling mama raising three children alongside my husband. I love to walk our two dogs, photograph nature, and write poetry. As a family, we love reading together, creating art, sports and all things nature. We also enjoy sharing our learning experiences with friends and creating co-op opportunities. I enjoy writing about our homeschool adventures, as well as nature and sharing recipes. My heart is grateful for my family, our homeschool, our friends and homeschool community, as well as the nature around us. In addition to following my blog, you can find me on Facebook at Home Study from the Grateful Heart.

18 thoughts on “Is It Really A Bother

  1. Such a beautiful Earth we have! I love your poem. Such small steps are so easy to take and, given there are billions of us, does have an impact. A wonderful post!

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  2. I love your poem and its message. I have just started using TruEarth laundry strips instead of laundry detergent in plastic. I would highly recommend this product as an action to purchase less plastic. I am looking for other actions to take. Thanks for sharing this.

    Liked by 1 person

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