Sweet Gems – #Haibun

Sweet Gems

Here I sit on a wooden picnic table, hard yet natural. The afternoon sun is trickling down upon me through the pergola. Still it is providing enough shade that I am comfortable. Behind me, I hear the occasional car driving past. The air is filled with the aroma of warm waffle cones. My eyes drift to the sky out ahead. There is a hawk soaring in the cloudless, picturesque sky just above the strawberry field. 

My gaze returns to the familiar sight in front of me. A scene that unfolds year after year. I see my children playing in the once immense sandbox that now appears to be narrowing. Or are my children just growing that fast? Here in this moment, just like the last, I wish for time to cease and this joy to last.

Spring blossoms
Give way to ruby fruit
Sweet gems

It is Haibun Monday at dVerse. Frank J. Tassone is hosting and he has challenged us to write a Haibun in the present tense, while in the moment.

I am sharing my photographs with BrightSquares and FOTD.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful day!
With a grateful heart,

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Welcome new friends. I'm Heather, a homeschooling mama raising three children alongside my husband. I love to walk our two dogs, photograph nature, and write poetry. As a family, we love reading together, creating art, sports and all things nature. We also enjoy sharing our learning experiences with friends and creating co-op opportunities. I enjoy writing about our homeschool adventures, as well as nature and sharing recipes. My heart is grateful for my family, our homeschool, our friends and homeschool community, as well as the nature around us. In addition to following my blog, you can find me on Facebook at Home Study from the Grateful Heart.

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