Nature’s Art – #Micropoetry

Nature’s Art
Amazing beauty
We are privileged
To witness such wonders

© Heather ~ Homestudy From The Grateful Heart All Rights Reserved

I’m keeping this shell in my camera bag for artistic inspiration 🙂

My hat says it all. Life is good!

Thank you for stopping by. Let’s work together to save and protect our beautiful, natural world. Have a wonderful day and may you find inspiration in the little natural wonders that surround you.

With a grateful ❤️ heart,

I’m sharing my post with Cee’s CMMC – Pick A Topic From Her Photo. Since I just got back from the beach that’s where my mind went while looking at her picture of the Oregon coast.

Published by Home Study from the Grateful Heart

Welcome new friends. I'm Heather, a homeschooling mama raising three children alongside my husband. I love to walk our two dogs, photograph nature, and write poetry. As a family, we love reading together, creating art, sports and all things nature. We also enjoy sharing our learning experiences with friends and creating co-op opportunities. I enjoy writing about our homeschool adventures, as well as nature and sharing recipes. My heart is grateful for my family, our homeschool, our friends and homeschool community, as well as the nature around us. In addition to following my blog, you can find me on Facebook at Home Study from the Grateful Heart.

9 thoughts on “Nature’s Art – #Micropoetry

  1. Heyy! I hope you are doing well. I am here to inform you that I have nominated you for the Aesthete Blogger Award💐. I have been a frequent reader of your blog and I really love your write-ups. If your blog is award free then there’s no issue at all, just do accept my appreciation!❤
    Have a Wonderful Day. Keep shining🌟

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