Insect Collages

Insect Collages The study of bugs, Entomology, is our new focus of study through the end of this semester. So for fun we created some Insect collages. I let my children create whatever insect they wanted or dreamed up. However, their insects had to contain the two characteristics that make a creature an insect. TheContinue reading “Insect Collages”

The Plunge – #writephoto

The Plunge The air is unseasonably warm.Red and golds the trees adorn.A messenger, is the breezeWhispering of a new melodyA sturdy, dependable bridgeExpands from ridge to ridgeOver a river swift and dark Where few dare to embark.On the edge her toes curl.She looks down, another worldStares back. Love’s reflection Draws her in his direction.But on the bridgeContinue reading “The Plunge – #writephoto”

Nature’s Lullaby – Haiku

Gently the wind blowsMimicking a lullabyRocking bird and branch I wrote this haiku in response to Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry #Prompt #Challenge 345 BIRD and BLOW I have always enjoyed writing haiku’s; so it was fun to have the challenge of writing one to include the words bird and blow. Click on the linkContinue reading “Nature’s Lullaby – Haiku”

Activities for “How to Make Apple Pie and See the World”

FIAR Selection Today we met with our friends to take a trip around the world but never left the farm! We had a great time with this Five in a Row selection How to Make Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman. Find a copy here. As an Amazon Associate I earn fromContinue reading “Activities for “How to Make Apple Pie and See the World””

There She Stands

There She Stands With the lights down low,And the gas logs aglow,I sit with my warm mug.The night’s chill I try to shrug.I draw in the zesty teaAs calmness moves in slowly.It’s subtle aroma encircling me,Sending my mind adrift,  a memory…The smokiness of a new fire fills the room.A sign that it will be warmContinue reading “There She Stands”

Maidenhead England – A Poem

Our travels may be limited these days; however, poems and books can send our minds sailing away. So I’d like to share a poem of mine. From our chairs while we recline, let’s travel to Maidenhead, during the season of orange and red. I visited long ago, only to return with you in tow.  MaidenheadContinue reading “Maidenhead England – A Poem”


I wrote this poem years ago, and thought of it recently as winter carries on. Interestingly, I find it to be more meaningful now than when I wrote it. I hope you enjoy it! Evergreen Towering, soaring in all its glory.Swaying, quivering in nobility.Grazing the heavens with poise,Whispering of life’s great joys.Shading, protecting all thatContinue reading “Evergreen”

Motivational Monday – Harriet Tubman

February is Black History Month, so let’s kick off this week with some inspiration from Harriet Tubman. We have all had our moments of doubt, moments of feeling not quite good enough, and moments where we consider giving up. This is human nature. But the key is to not entertain these thoughts. When hit withContinue reading “Motivational Monday – Harriet Tubman”

Valentine’s Day Boxes

Another Valentine’s is in the books. We have had two days of celebration and learning with our wonderful friends. Activities were all across the board, from measuring with Marshmallows to musical chairs. Plus we had a lot of fun making these three Valentine’s Day boxes. My kids and I love making Valentine’s Day boxes forContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Boxes”

Giraffe Valentine’s Day Box

This cute Valentine’s Day box will make a “big” impression at your child’s next Valentine’s Day party. Supplies Shoe box A rectangular box smaller than the shoe box 1 paper towel roll 4 toilet paper rolls Wrapping paper Craft foam -brown, white, and any color for the eyes Gift wrapping string Old cereal box (orContinue reading “Giraffe Valentine’s Day Box”

Bow and Arrows STEM Activity

Warning: These bows and arrows are super fun to shoot, and the arrows fly far! Incorporate this craft into your Valentine’s Day celebration, Thanksgiving lessons, Fun Fridays or any day. The bows and arrows can be used as a STEM learning activity, as a game, or just for fun. Ideas for all these uses areContinue reading “Bow and Arrows STEM Activity”

Reflecting On Good Character This Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today we remember, Martin Luther King Jr. for his leadership in advancing civil rights through nonviolent resistance, for which he won the Nobel Peace Prize onOctober 14, 1964. In addition to speaking to our children about his importance in our country’s history and continued efforts of our country to strive for equality; I think it’sContinue reading “Reflecting On Good Character This Martin Luther King Jr. Day”

View Of The Pond

View Of The Pond Cloudless the serene, stained so blueFrom which the autumn sun gives a deceptive view.For the air is crisp across the ears and nose; Yet invigorating, awakening the senses, head to toes.In the pond, the luminous rays bathe,Painting with crystals, all in good faith.Each jewel crested ripple is hurried alongBy the unceasing windContinue reading “View Of The Pond”

Bird Watching – How To Get Your Children Started

Bird watching can be a fun hobby for the whole family. My children have always enjoyed watching all creatures, be it on a hike or in our backyard. So when our zoology studies came to focus on birds, we wanted to attract an array of different birds into our yard. We also plan to exploreContinue reading “Bird Watching – How To Get Your Children Started”

By The Light Of Lady Liberty

By The Light Of Lady Liberty Oh say can we seeBy the light of Lady LibertyPeople united and strongWho’ve learned from injustice, the wrongs.People who repent, people who forgiveArm in arm they forge on, they liveJoined by a sense of pride,Thankful for the brave who’ve diedFighting for freedom, fighting for justice,Fighting to make this home,Continue reading “By The Light Of Lady Liberty”

Charming DIY Birdbath

Even though autumn is upon us, it is still a good time to add a bird bath to any yard.  Water is essential for birds to drink, especially in the winter. Plus birds bathe year round as part of the preening process to maintain good feather health. So it was only natural, after hanging birdContinue reading “Charming DIY Birdbath”

Autumn Suncatcher Mobile

This is my absolute favorite thing to make with my kids every fall. Seeing the sun shine through the colorful leaves in our windows makes the room a little more cheerful, making me smile. And what a great way to hang on to the beautiful colors of autumn a little longer! Supplies Colorful leaves, allContinue reading “Autumn Suncatcher Mobile”

Haven A’last

I thought all the monarch butterflies had already migrated through the area. So imagine my surprise when I saw this lone monarch in the rain in mid-October. I joyfully watched it until it fluttered off. This delicate beauty, withstanding the wind and light rain, inspired this poem. Haven A’last By Heather Kelley Cool, is theContinue reading “Haven A’last”

Rum Apple Muffins

These flavorful muffins are one of my family’s go-to recipes. They work well as a snack or desert. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.🙂 Preparation time : 15 minutes Bake Time: 20 – 24 minutes Makes: 15 muffins Ingredients 2 eggs1 1/2 cups granular sugar (or Swerve)1 cup canola oil1 TablespoonContinue reading “Rum Apple Muffins”

With The Dew

With The Dew By Heather Kelley Darkness fades.Birds serenade.Golden armsEmbrace, charm.Morning lightGleaming bright.Shiny show,Meadow aglow.Diamonds litter,Leaves glitter.Beads adornPetals, uniform.Look around,Peace found.With the dew,Comes day, new. Find beauty in the everyday. Heather Photos and poem Copyright © 2020 Heather The Grateful Heart    All Right Reserved

Beauty’s The Day

Today we went on another hike. It’s early fall and I’m loving it! Between the weather and the changing landscape it’s a great time to be outdoors. But when is it not😉. Beauty’s The Day By Heather Kelley Beauty’s the day.Hiking’s my play.Good for the soul,Body as a whole.Gentle breeze,Rustling leaves.Eyes behold,New colors…bold.Look below,Ground aglow,AContinue reading “Beauty’s The Day”

Motivational Monday – Katie Davis Majors

Motivational Monday. I think we can all use a little motivation come Monday morning with each new school week. For this reason I have started posting quotes on my Facebook page (Home Study From The Grateful Heart). I look to choose inspirational quotes that we can reflect on throughout the week. Quotes that may alsoContinue reading “Motivational Monday – Katie Davis Majors”

Pear Coconut Custard Pie

Crisp pears in a light coconut Custard make for a delightful fall dessert. It is easy to whip up, being prepared in 15 – 20 minutes. Bake time is 40 – 45 minutes. Ingredients 4 pears any type, peeled and thinly sliced 1/4 cup of butter (may use dairy free or real) 3 eggs 3/4Continue reading “Pear Coconut Custard Pie”

DIY Laser Pointer Microscope

Our family attended a great marine biology class and learned a LOT about oceanography. Plus we learned a really neat trick to be able to see the shadow of microbes. The FREE Online Science Class was Marine Biology, Oceanography and Underwater Robots, offered by Super Charged Science. Here’s what you need to create your ownContinue reading “DIY Laser Pointer Microscope”

Parade Across The Sky

Parade Across The SkyBy Heather KelleyParade across the sky, While on my back I lie. Dreams afloat,              Seem remote.          Wind pushes them by,  Before I arrive. Weeds entangle me,        Routine, not free.    Break it! Reach high! Believe you can fly. It’s down to the wire, Follow your hearts’ desire.  Find beauty in the everyday. With a grateful heart, Heather Copyright © 2020 Heather The Grateful Heart   Continue reading “Parade Across The Sky”

Experiments To Demonstrate How Air Pressure Helps a Bird Fly

This year in Science, we are studying all things that fly. So what factors are involved in flight? We are looking at birds first, and the shape of the wing is important to create lift. The top of the wing is curved whereas the underside of the wing is more straight. Because of this, theContinue reading “Experiments To Demonstrate How Air Pressure Helps a Bird Fly”

Lion Lessons + School Lessons

Did you know that a lion’s roar can be heard up to 5 miles away? These powerful cats can run up to 50 miles per hour in short bursts! Yet they rest up to 20 hours a day. These are just a few fun facts about lions, the subject of today’s nonfiction book, Lion LessonsContinue reading “Lion Lessons + School Lessons”

Pear Butter – Instant Pot Recipe

A little taste of autumn. Ingredients 5 pounds of pears – peel, core and cut into large chunks ¾ Cup honey 3 Tablespoons Lemon Juice 3 teaspoons cinnamon ¼ teaspoon nutmeg ¼ teaspoon ginger ⅛ teaspoon clover ¼ Cup water Directions Place the pear chunks in the instant pot (IP). Add all the other ingredientsContinue reading “Pear Butter – Instant Pot Recipe”