Misunderstood Shark – Ocean Theme Lessons for 4 – 7 year olds

Another shark week is in the books! Great memories were made along with a little more knowledge about our vast oceans and their creatures. Ocean life was the theme for all of our studies this week. The following lessons were specifically created for my daughter in Kindergarten; however, my older kids joined in for someContinue reading “Misunderstood Shark – Ocean Theme Lessons for 4 – 7 year olds”

Shark Week: Take A Bite Out Of Learning

Discovery’s Shark Week is upon us, as it’s set to kick off August 9th. So who’s ready for shark week? We are!!! My son, a budding marine biologist, looks forward to this week every summer. Not only do we watch the shows on Discovery, but we make an event out of it. I team upContinue reading “Shark Week: Take A Bite Out Of Learning”

The Day We Conquered The Orchard

In the heat of the afternoon in mid-July, my children and I persistently picked blueberries and peaches. It was a beautiful day. Perhaps too beautiful, in that there wasn’t a cloud in sight in the endless blue sky. We had come prepared. We had a wagon, two umbrellas, ice water not to mention hats andContinue reading “The Day We Conquered The Orchard”

Create A Ladybug Feeder

Today was the day. Today we released our ladybugs! We have been observing them since they were tiny larvae (Ladybug Lesson Plan). In hopes to keep a few around, the kids and I made a ladybug feeder to hang in our rose bush. Those aphids love the rose bushes! Here’s what you will need toContinue reading “Create A Ladybug Feeder”

Those Lucky Ladybugs – Lesson Plan

What luck, our Ladybug larvae had arrived! I didn’t tell the kids, so they were super excited when a box labeled “Live Ladybugs” was dropped off at our house. Their curiosity made it hard to sit and wait, while I carefully opened the box. Finally, the tube of larvae was presented to them. My childrenContinue reading “Those Lucky Ladybugs – Lesson Plan”

God Made Bugs Too

“Did God make bugs too?” Asks my 4 year old daughter, as a fly zips by. We were walking through the greenway, appreciating it’s beauty. Yes, at this point in the quarantine era, we have walked this greenway many times. Nevertheless, each time is a new adventure and it never grows old.  Here the gracefulContinue reading “God Made Bugs Too”

DIY Cloth Napkins

In a world where stockpiling and wearing masks are becoming the norm, it can be hard to come across paper products. Therefore, I thought I’d share how to make cloth napkins. They are really quite easy to make. What about fabric? If you don’t have scrap fabric lying around at home, you may find itContinue reading “DIY Cloth Napkins”

Cinco de Mayo, A Day of Learning and Fun

Perfectly, Cinco de Mayo, this year falls, on Taco Tuesday (guess what we’ll be eating for dinner 😉). Commonly, Cinco de Mayo is confused with Mexico’s Independence day, which is actually in September. Rather, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration in honor of the Mexican victory over the French forces of Napoleon III, in theContinue reading “Cinco de Mayo, A Day of Learning and Fun”

Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day and we are starting our celebration now. Earth is such an amazing, beautiful place and so many treasures can be found in our own country. To get a taste of what our country has to offer, we are watching the America’s National Parks series on Disney+ (rated PG13). Each episodeContinue reading “Earth Day”

Tips for Schooling from Home During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Feeling overwhelmed and lost as to where to begin? Feeling like you aren’t cut out to school from home? This is completely understandable, and quite frankly the majority of new homeschoolers have probably felt this way at some point under normal circumstances (myself included). These uncertainties are often worked out through trial and error duringContinue reading “Tips for Schooling from Home During the Covid-19 Pandemic”

Let’s talk Math

With children home from school, I understand that many of you are looking for school work to do with your children. I will share with you what we use. Most of our core curriculum has been purchased, and I can understand not wanting to make big purchases at this point. However, we do use someContinue reading “Let’s talk Math”

Our Snowy Day Activities

The perfect book for our much awaited snow day, “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats. It’s about a boy who explores the snow covered world around him. And much like Peter, in the book, my children woke up ready to go play in the snow.  First on the list, snow angels.  They were hardlyContinue reading “Our Snowy Day Activities”

Arctic Activities

“Pup and Bear” by Kate Banks, is a sweet story about kindness, in which a lost wolf pup is raised by a polar bear. We had received it through the Imagination Library, and it became an instant classic in our home. So of course we had to have some fun with it on this snowyContinue reading “Arctic Activities”

Fibonacci Number Art

Get out your compasses, because today we are making art with circles. However, these are not just randomly sized circles. These circles are going to have specific proportions found using the Fibonacci Sequence. I found this unique art project at What We Do All Day?  https://pin.it/4TPshpG On this site they recommend the book, Growing Patterns:Continue reading “Fibonacci Number Art”

Impressionism Artwork

“It looks like a leg standing in the water,” commented one of the students about Claude Monet’s “The Cliff, Étretat, Sunset”. I just love hearing their thoughts at the art museum. There were other comments made but that one stuck with me as it made me chuckle. Claude Monet is hands down the most famousContinue reading “Impressionism Artwork”

Hearts, Hearts, and More Marshmallows

“Can we eat the marshmallows?” was asked over and over by the children staring at the bowls of mini marshmallows. But the marshmallows were not for eating. Not today. Well, okay maybe a few😉. However, the majority were for a measuring activity to go along with our Valentine’s theme class. Today’s class opened with theContinue reading “Hearts, Hearts, and More Marshmallows”

Rebecca Rubin 1914 – American Girl Doll Tea Party

Lights. Camera. Action! On the TV screen, appears a clip of a man trapped in a lion’s cage. It’s in black and white and the only sound is music. The man… the iconic comedian Charlie Chapman. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t take long for this young crowd to be brought to laughter.  Rebecca Rubin, our American Girl,Continue reading “Rebecca Rubin 1914 – American Girl Doll Tea Party”

Storm in the Night

FIAR Selection “Oooohhh!” The kids gasped as they moved in for a closer look. A few of them wanted to touch the cloud that had just raised out of the jar.  I kicked off FIAR, for our co-op this semester, by reading Storm in the Night by Mary Stoltz. It’s a great book about aContinue reading “Storm in the Night”

First Day Back

A new year, A fresh start, Enjoy the little things, Dear to the heart❤️ Rrrrrriiiiiiiiiiing! Goes the school bell, well technically it was my alarm clock. You see we homeschool and it was time to get back to it for a whole new school year. Here comes the hustle and bustle of learning activities, fieldContinue reading “First Day Back”

Love + Learning + Memories = Homeschooling

Often life takes us down an unexpected path or at least that has been my story. I’m thankful to God for this, because I obviously have no idea what’s best for me 😉. When our son, our first, was only two years old, my loving husband, looks at me and with one suggestion, challenges meContinue reading “Love + Learning + Memories = Homeschooling”