Insect Collages

Insect Collages The study of bugs, Entomology, is our new focus of study through the end of this semester. So for fun we created some Insect collages. I let my children create whatever insect they wanted or dreamed up. However, their insects had to contain the two characteristics that make a creature an insect. TheContinue reading “Insect Collages”

Autumn Suncatcher Mobile

This is my absolute favorite thing to make with my kids every fall. Seeing the sun shine through the colorful leaves in our windows makes the room a little more cheerful, making me smile. And what a great way to hang on to the beautiful colors of autumn a little longer! Supplies Colorful leaves, allContinue reading “Autumn Suncatcher Mobile”

Fibonacci Number Art

Get out your compasses, because today we are making art with circles. However, these are not just randomly sized circles. These circles are going to have specific proportions found using the Fibonacci Sequence. I found this unique art project at What We Do All Day? On this site they recommend the book, Growing Patterns:Continue reading “Fibonacci Number Art”

Impressionism Artwork

“It looks like a leg standing in the water,” commented one of the students about Claude Monet’s “The Cliff, √Čtretat, Sunset”. I just love hearing their thoughts at the art museum. There were other comments made but that one stuck with me as it made me chuckle. Claude Monet is hands down the most famousContinue reading “Impressionism Artwork”