A Story Untold

A Story Untold Black with a ring of goldThere lies a story untold.A prehistoric gaze in disguise.Of primordial oceans, were you baptized?Among the massive leaves and trees,Did you stalk your prey with ease?With scorching fire spewing from rocks,Did the ground quake where you did walk?Respect, your deafening roar, did demand,Claiming rule over the unsettled land.Continue reading “A Story Untold”


This being human is fragile. Into this uncertain world we arrive Nestled in mother’s breast to survive Cradled ’til we can hold our own. Fragile are the flickering lights blown Counting the circles ‘round the sun That we just can’t outrun. This being human is fragile. We yearn to be our own Yet not alone.Continue reading “Fragile”

Seeds Of Kindness – #Seguidilla

Rags yet neat, polite and sweetHis eager flock did stayTall and proud he stood in lineUntil, time to pay… To let them down, no…Before he could turn awaySeeds of kindness were sown I wrote this based off of a beautiful story I read about selfless giving. About a man in line, with his large family,Continue reading “Seeds Of Kindness – #Seguidilla”

Extraordinary ~ #Shadorma

Extraordinary From the dullA spot of purpleHidden lowYet displayedOn this post winter landscapeUntil green takes grip The accentsSubtle lovelinessSurround usUnnoticedBut when found everything looksExtraordinary I took a few pictures on our walk around the lake today. Probably not your usual shots (see bottom of post), but I like trying to capture the subtle things. IContinue reading “Extraordinary ~ #Shadorma”

Untouchable Dreams ~ #Shadorma

This week for #TankaTuesday, Colleen has challenged us to write a syllabic poem using synonyms only for the words hope and eager. This is my attempt at a shadorma using the words dream and zealous. Untouchable Dreams Zealous loveFills the beating heartWith courageTo pursueOnce thought untouchable dreamsNow seen within reach SHADORMA: The Shadorma is a poeticContinue reading “Untouchable Dreams ~ #Shadorma”

Appreciating The Tiny Things – #Haibun

Today the sun is shining. The temperature is a perfect 74°. And our brown world is starting to show signs of green. A section of our yard has succumbed to “weeds” with very tiny flowers. I decided to take a close up of them and was surprised to see there was a splash of pinkContinue reading “Appreciating The Tiny Things – #Haibun”

Swift Current Of Time

Swift Current Of Time Halt! The world Came to move, Crawl like life new Swift current of time Damned, it can never be As minutes move by nimbly The world can do nothing but watch Hours         Days                Months                           Flow on by as we hide Unstoppable is the outpouring ©Heather – Home Study From The GratefulContinue reading “Swift Current Of Time”

A Mother’s Song – Poem

A Mother’s Song I marvel at your tiny toes, Touch my lips to your little nose. With every line, every wrinkle Perfection makes my eyes twinkle. I’ll seek to push bad from your space, But I’m flawed with a shield of lace. My embrace, a song of promise, A shelter bringing forth calmness. A lullaby,Continue reading “A Mother’s Song – Poem”

Why Does The Caged Bird Sing?

Why Does The Caged Bird Sing? Light, Free, high On a breeze In, out, between The glorious trees Joyous the homecoming Songs sung of the days roaming Songs sung of adventures waiting One wonders, why does the caged bird sing? Uprose a storm, like never before Filthy wind slammed every door Contained to our ownContinue reading “Why Does The Caged Bird Sing?”

Magic’s In The Air

This Haiku is just because. While out running errands, I saw signs of spring in the trees. I had to take a moment and capture a few pictures. I hope you enjoy. Life anew appears Darkness fades as days grow long Magic’s in the air © Heather ~ Home Study From The Grateful Heart 2021Continue reading “Magic’s In The Air”

Our Place

Our Place Our place,Straws of laborAside time interlaceFor it’s you my child, we embrace,Ardor ©2021 Heather – Home Study From The Grateful Heart I saw this bird’s nest on the sidewalk during a walk in the fall. I was drawn to the structure of the nest and the leaves around it. It was my inspirationContinue reading “Our Place”

My Grandparents Home – Haibun

It’s summer. We go to enter the back door of my grandparents house. I remember a tree in the middle of the yard with pink impatience circling the trunk. We had to take our shoes off at the door in the kitchen to keep the home tidy. There was a piano in the dining roomContinue reading “My Grandparents Home – Haibun”

Time Slips As Sea And Sand Beseech ~ Decima No. 46

Time Slips As Sea And Sand Beseech Sinking low, reduced to a glow Hues pink, in the eyes come to dance Bridging the heavens, wondrous trance. Harmonious, endless, the flow, Stories untold hidden below. Tower of rocks for the sky reach, A barrier caressing the beach. Golden drops where sun’s heat is caught And lostContinue reading “Time Slips As Sea And Sand Beseech ~ Decima No. 46”

A Hopeful Sigh – Quadrille #122

A Hopeful Sigh Light, white wisps Waiting for a wish Magic to uncover Youthful lips hover A hopeful sigh Soldiers to the sky Dispersed sails Lifted along gales Butterfly’s effect All things connect Set is the heart Faith does its part To return…                 A wish must go © 2021 Heather – Home Study From TheContinue reading “A Hopeful Sigh – Quadrille #122”

An Endless Blue Dream – #TANKA Tuesday No. 214

An Endless Blue Dream Golden rays smile downEagle moves kite-like acrossAn endless blue dreamNo clouds dare enter the sceneHere, there is no room for rain © 2021 Heather – Home Study From The Grateful Heart – All Rights Reserved Photos: by Dottie Ekas Sell Perhaps I should have shown an eagle soaring in the skyContinue reading “An Endless Blue Dream – #TANKA Tuesday No. 214”

A Whisper Sets Dreams Adrift

A Whisper Sets Dreams Adrift “Hush”, the gentle breeze softly sings. Under it’s spell, rich, green boughs sway Rocking, rocking the day away. The last hue, pink, to darkness clings As the birds tuck away their wings. Peppered is the sky with wings swift As the nightfall symphonies lift. The cosmos’ ebony consumes. Moonlit honeysuckleContinue reading “A Whisper Sets Dreams Adrift”

The Color of Kings

Cool and calm like the oceans wide,Fieriness unable to hide,A perfect union to create me!So divine, I spark creativity.The color of kings, am IAll because of a precious dye.Only the wealthy could affordPhoenician wool. I was so adored! I’m found in purple wavesOf lavender fields on summer days.A relaxing aroma, calms your mind.Here inner peaceContinue reading “The Color of Kings”

The Plunge – #writephoto

The Plunge The air is unseasonably warm.Red and golds the trees adorn.A messenger, is the breezeWhispering of a new melodyA sturdy, dependable bridgeExpands from ridge to ridgeOver a river swift and dark Where few dare to embark.On the edge her toes curl.She looks down, another worldStares back. Love’s reflection Draws her in his direction.But on the bridgeContinue reading “The Plunge – #writephoto”

Nature’s Lullaby – Haiku

Gently the wind blowsMimicking a lullabyRocking bird and branch I wrote this haiku in response to Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry #Prompt #Challenge 345 BIRD and BLOW I have always enjoyed writing haiku’s; so it was fun to have the challenge of writing one to include the words bird and blow. Click on the linkContinue reading “Nature’s Lullaby – Haiku”

There She Stands

There She Stands With the lights down low,And the gas logs aglow,I sit with my warm mug.The night’s chill I try to shrug.I draw in the zesty teaAs calmness moves in slowly.It’s subtle aroma encircling me,Sending my mind adrift,  a memory…The smokiness of a new fire fills the room.A sign that it will be warmContinue reading “There She Stands”

Maidenhead England – A Poem

Our travels may be limited these days; however, poems and books can send our minds sailing away. So I’d like to share a poem of mine. From our chairs while we recline, let’s travel to Maidenhead, during the season of orange and red. I visited long ago, only to return with you in tow.  MaidenheadContinue reading “Maidenhead England – A Poem”


I wrote this poem years ago, and thought of it recently as winter carries on. Interestingly, I find it to be more meaningful now than when I wrote it. I hope you enjoy it! Evergreen Towering, soaring in all its glory.Swaying, quivering in nobility.Grazing the heavens with poise,Whispering of life’s great joys.Shading, protecting all thatContinue reading “Evergreen”

Reflecting On Good Character This Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today we remember, Martin Luther King Jr. for his leadership in advancing civil rights through nonviolent resistance, for which he won the Nobel Peace Prize onOctober 14, 1964. In addition to speaking to our children about his importance in our country’s history and continued efforts of our country to strive for equality; I think it’sContinue reading “Reflecting On Good Character This Martin Luther King Jr. Day”

View Of The Pond

View Of The Pond Cloudless the serene, stained so blueFrom which the autumn sun gives a deceptive view.For the air is crisp across the ears and nose; Yet invigorating, awakening the senses, head to toes.In the pond, the luminous rays bathe,Painting with crystals, all in good faith.Each jewel crested ripple is hurried alongBy the unceasing windContinue reading “View Of The Pond”

By The Light Of Lady Liberty

By The Light Of Lady Liberty Oh say can we seeBy the light of Lady LibertyPeople united and strongWho’ve learned from injustice, the wrongs.People who repent, people who forgiveArm in arm they forge on, they liveJoined by a sense of pride,Thankful for the brave who’ve diedFighting for freedom, fighting for justice,Fighting to make this home,Continue reading “By The Light Of Lady Liberty”

Haven A’last

I thought all the monarch butterflies had already migrated through the area. So imagine my surprise when I saw this lone monarch in the rain in mid-October. I joyfully watched it until it fluttered off. This delicate beauty, withstanding the wind and light rain, inspired this poem. Haven A’last By Heather Kelley Cool, is theContinue reading “Haven A’last”

With The Dew

With The Dew By Heather Kelley Darkness fades.Birds serenade.Golden armsEmbrace, charm.Morning lightGleaming bright.Shiny show,Meadow aglow.Diamonds litter,Leaves glitter.Beads adornPetals, uniform.Look around,Peace found.With the dew,Comes day, new. Find beauty in the everyday. Heather Photos and poem Copyright © 2020 Heather The Grateful Heart    All Right Reserved