The Day We Conquered The Orchard

In the heat of the afternoon in mid-July, my children and I persistently picked blueberries and peaches. It was a beautiful day. Perhaps too beautiful, in that there wasn’t a cloud in sight in the endless blue sky. We had come prepared. We had a wagon, two umbrellas, ice water not to mention hats andContinue reading “The Day We Conquered The Orchard”

God Made Bugs Too

“Did God make bugs too?” Asks my 4 year old daughter, as a fly zips by. We were walking through the greenway, appreciating it’s beauty. Yes, at this point in the quarantine era, we have walked this greenway many times. Nevertheless, each time is a new adventure and it never grows old.  Here the gracefulContinue reading “God Made Bugs Too”

First Day Back

A new year, A fresh start, Enjoy the little things, Dear to the heart❤️ Rrrrrriiiiiiiiiiing! Goes the school bell, well technically it was my alarm clock. You see we homeschool and it was time to get back to it for a whole new school year. Here comes the hustle and bustle of learning activities, fieldContinue reading “First Day Back”

Love + Learning + Memories = Homeschooling

Often life takes us down an unexpected path or at least that has been my story. I’m thankful to God for this, because I obviously have no idea what’s best for me 😉. When our son, our first, was only two years old, my loving husband, looks at me and with one suggestion, challenges meContinue reading “Love + Learning + Memories = Homeschooling”