Valentine’s Day Boxes

Another Valentine’s is in the books. We have had two days of celebration and learning with our wonderful friends. Activities were all across the board, from measuring with Marshmallows to musical chairs. Plus we had a lot of fun making these three Valentine’s Day boxes. My kids and I love making Valentine’s Day boxes forContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Boxes”

Giraffe Valentine’s Day Box

This cute Valentine’s Day box will make a “big” impression at your child’s next Valentine’s Day party. Supplies Shoe box A rectangular box smaller than the shoe box 1 paper towel roll 4 toilet paper rolls Wrapping paper Craft foam -brown, white, and any color for the eyes Gift wrapping string Old cereal box (orContinue reading “Giraffe Valentine’s Day Box”

Bow and Arrows STEM Activity

Warning: These bows and arrows are super fun to shoot, and the arrows fly far! Incorporate this craft into your Valentine’s Day celebration, Thanksgiving lessons, Fun Fridays or any day. The bows and arrows can be used as a STEM learning activity, as a game, or just for fun. Ideas for all these uses areContinue reading “Bow and Arrows STEM Activity”

Reflecting On Good Character This Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today we remember, Martin Luther King Jr. for his leadership in advancing civil rights through nonviolent resistance, for which he won the Nobel Peace Prize onOctober 14, 1964. In addition to speaking to our children about his importance in our country’s history and continued efforts of our country to strive for equality; I think it’sContinue reading “Reflecting On Good Character This Martin Luther King Jr. Day”

Autumn Suncatcher Mobile

This is my absolute favorite thing to make with my kids every fall. Seeing the sun shine through the colorful leaves in our windows makes the room a little more cheerful, making me smile. And what a great way to hang on to the beautiful colors of autumn a little longer! Supplies Colorful leaves, allContinue reading “Autumn Suncatcher Mobile”

Shark Week: Take A Bite Out Of Learning

Discovery’s Shark Week is upon us, as it’s set to kick off August 9th. So who’s ready for shark week? We are!!! My son, a budding marine biologist, looks forward to this week every summer. Not only do we watch the shows on Discovery, but we make an event out of it. I team upContinue reading “Shark Week: Take A Bite Out Of Learning”

Cinco de Mayo, A Day of Learning and Fun

Perfectly, Cinco de Mayo, this year falls, on Taco Tuesday (guess what we’ll be eating for dinner 😉). Commonly, Cinco de Mayo is confused with Mexico’s Independence day, which is actually in September. Rather, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration in honor of the Mexican victory over the French forces of Napoleon III, in theContinue reading “Cinco de Mayo, A Day of Learning and Fun”

Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day and we are starting our celebration now. Earth is such an amazing, beautiful place and so many treasures can be found in our own country. To get a taste of what our country has to offer, we are watching the America’s National Parks series on Disney+ (rated PG13). Each episodeContinue reading “Earth Day”

Hearts, Hearts, and More Marshmallows

“Can we eat the marshmallows?” was asked over and over by the children staring at the bowls of mini marshmallows. But the marshmallows were not for eating. Not today. Well, okay maybe a few😉. However, the majority were for a measuring activity to go along with our Valentine’s theme class. Today’s class opened with theContinue reading “Hearts, Hearts, and More Marshmallows”