Giraffe Valentine’s Day Box

This cute Valentine’s Day box will make a “big” impression at your child’s next Valentine’s Day party. Supplies Shoe box A rectangular box smaller than the shoe box 1 paper towel roll 4 toilet paper rolls Wrapping paper Craft foam -brown, white, and any color for the eyes Gift wrapping string Old cereal box (orContinue reading “Giraffe Valentine’s Day Box”

Charming DIY Birdbath

Even though autumn is upon us, it is still a good time to add a bird bath to any yard.  Water is essential for birds to drink, especially in the winter. Plus birds bathe year round as part of the preening process to maintain good feather health. So it was only natural, after hanging birdContinue reading “Charming DIY Birdbath”

Create A Ladybug Feeder

Today was the day. Today we released our ladybugs! We have been observing them since they were tiny larvae (Ladybug Lesson Plan). In hopes to keep a few around, the kids and I made a ladybug feeder to hang in our rose bush. Those aphids love the rose bushes! Here’s what you will need toContinue reading “Create A Ladybug Feeder”

DIY Cloth Napkins

In a world where stockpiling and wearing masks are becoming the norm, it can be hard to come across paper products. Therefore, I thought I’d share how to make cloth napkins. They are really quite easy to make. What about fabric? If you don’t have scrap fabric lying around at home, you may find itContinue reading “DIY Cloth Napkins”