Clean Water Quest

Recently I’ve been researching the importance of minerals in our drinking water. Unfortunately, all of these important minerals are removed through distillation and purification processes. Therefore, I wanted to experience fresh mineral water straight from the source and not from a plastic bottle. A quick search revealed a spring not too far from our home.Continue reading “Clean Water Quest”

Hatching Praying Mantises

A few years ago I ordered a praying mantis egg sac, for my children, as a part of our life cycles science studies. We kept the egg sac in a netted butterfly habitat upon our kitchen counter. While doing their daily chore of putting away dishes, my children happened to catch the egg sac justContinue reading “Hatching Praying Mantises”

Bow and Arrows STEM Activity

Warning: These bows and arrows are super fun to shoot, and the arrows fly far! Incorporate this craft into your Valentine‚Äôs Day celebration, Thanksgiving lessons, Fun Fridays or any day. The bows and arrows can be used as a STEM learning activity, as a game, or just for fun. Ideas for all these uses areContinue reading “Bow and Arrows STEM Activity”

Bird Watching – How To Get Your Children Started

Bird watching can be a fun hobby for the whole family. My children have always enjoyed watching all creatures, be it on a hike or in our backyard. So when our zoology studies came to focus on birds, we wanted to attract an array of different birds into our yard. We also plan to exploreContinue reading “Bird Watching – How To Get Your Children Started”

DIY Laser Pointer Microscope

Our family attended a great marine biology class and learned a LOT about oceanography. Plus we learned a really neat trick to be able to see the shadow of microbes. The FREE Online Science Class was Marine Biology, Oceanography and Underwater Robots, offered by Super Charged Science. Here’s what you need to create your ownContinue reading “DIY Laser Pointer Microscope”

Experiments To Demonstrate How Air Pressure Helps a Bird Fly

This year in Science, we are studying all things that fly. So what factors are involved in flight? We are looking at birds first, and the shape of the wing is important to create lift. The top of the wing is curved whereas the underside of the wing is more straight. Because of this, theContinue reading “Experiments To Demonstrate How Air Pressure Helps a Bird Fly”

Shark Week: Take A Bite Out Of Learning

Discovery’s Shark Week is upon us, as it’s set to kick off August 9th. So who’s ready for shark week? We are!!! My son, a budding marine biologist, looks forward to this week every summer. Not only do we watch the shows on Discovery, but we make an event out of it. I team upContinue reading “Shark Week: Take A Bite Out Of Learning”

Create A Ladybug Feeder

Today was the day. Today we released our ladybugs! We have been observing them since they were tiny larvae (Ladybug Lesson Plan). In hopes to keep a few around, the kids and I made a ladybug feeder to hang in our rose bush. Those aphids love the rose bushes! Here’s what you will need toContinue reading “Create A Ladybug Feeder”

Those Lucky Ladybugs – Lesson Plan

What luck, our Ladybug larvae had arrived! I didn’t tell the kids, so they were super excited when a box labeled “Live Ladybugs” was dropped off at our house. Their curiosity made it hard to sit and wait, while I carefully opened the box. Finally, the tube of larvae was presented to them. My childrenContinue reading “Those Lucky Ladybugs – Lesson Plan”