Our Place

Our Place Our place,Straws of laborAside time interlaceFor it’s you my child, we embrace,Ardor ©2021 Heather – Home Study From The Grateful Heart I saw this bird’s nest on the sidewalk during a walk in the fall. I was drawn to the structure of the nest and the leaves around it. It was my inspirationContinue reading “Our Place”

A Hopeful Sigh – Quadrille #122

A Hopeful Sigh Light, white wisps Waiting for a wish Magic to uncover Youthful lips hover A hopeful sigh Soldiers to the sky Dispersed sails Lifted along gales Butterfly’s effect All things connect Set is the heart Faith does its part To return…                 A wish must go © 2021 Heather – Home Study From TheContinue reading “A Hopeful Sigh – Quadrille #122”

Maidenhead England – A Poem

Our travels may be limited these days; however, poems and books can send our minds sailing away. So I’d like to share a poem of mine. From our chairs while we recline, let’s travel to Maidenhead, during the season of orange and red. I visited long ago, only to return with you in tow.  MaidenheadContinue reading “Maidenhead England – A Poem”

View Of The Pond

View Of The Pond Cloudless the serene, stained so blueFrom which the autumn sun gives a deceptive view.For the air is crisp across the ears and nose; Yet invigorating, awakening the senses, head to toes.In the pond, the luminous rays bathe,Painting with crystals, all in good faith.Each jewel crested ripple is hurried alongBy the unceasing windContinue reading “View Of The Pond”

Haven A’last

I thought all the monarch butterflies had already migrated through the area. So imagine my surprise when I saw this lone monarch in the rain in mid-October. I joyfully watched it until it fluttered off. This delicate beauty, withstanding the wind and light rain, inspired this poem. Haven A’last By Heather Kelley Cool, is theContinue reading “Haven A’last”

With The Dew

With The Dew By Heather Kelley Darkness fades.Birds serenade.Golden armsEmbrace, charm.Morning lightGleaming bright.Shiny show,Meadow aglow.Diamonds litter,Leaves glitter.Beads adornPetals, uniform.Look around,Peace found.With the dew,Comes day, new. Find beauty in the everyday. Heather Photos and poem Copyright © 2020 Heather The Grateful Heart    All Right Reserved

Beauty’s The Day

Today we went on another hike. It’s early fall and I’m loving it! Between the weather and the changing landscape it’s a great time to be outdoors. But when is it not😉. Beauty’s The Day By Heather Kelley Beauty’s the day.Hiking’s my play.Good for the soul,Body as a whole.Gentle breeze,Rustling leaves.Eyes behold,New colors…bold.Look below,Ground aglow,AContinue reading “Beauty’s The Day”