Halloween Fun

All everyone could think about today was candy and trick-or-treating. So to get some school in and keep the children engaged we had some Halloween fun with our friends! We met at a park, as we love to be outside as much as possible. The day started off cool but was warming up as we arrived.

First on the agenda, a contest of sorts, guessing which solution would dissolve candy corn the fastest (we did not use the candy pumpkins). We set up 3 jars, one with water (H2O), one with rubbing alcohol, and one with vinegar. Simultaneously, we dropped 3 pieces of candy corn in each of the jars. The children all wrote down which solution they thought would dissolve the candy the fastest. Then went on to the other activities, while keeping an eye on the jars.

Surprisingly, to me anyhow, the majority of our children chose the rubbing alcohol. Personally, I thought it was going to be vinegar. However, the winner turned out to be the water! I was shocked by this. Maybe I need to have our water tested😉. We did have one winner though.

The kids found it interesting to keep checking back, on the progress of the candy. After the candy in the water jar was completely dissolved we got into a discussion on acid and alkaline (pH).

One of our mothers so wonderfully brought everything to make Glow in the Dark Slime! The children were super excited about this. First they decorated jars to keep the slime in. Then they went on to mix up the ingredients. To limit the mess that slime can cause, she had the genius idea for the children to mix the ingredients in plastic sandwich bags. This way they could squish it up until a more solid form presented itself. From there, they could play with it, and then place it in their decorated jars to take home. 

Glow in the dark glue:


Plastic jars:


At the next station, another one of our creative mothers had the great idea of making leaf collages on contact paper. We were in the perfect location for this, as there was an abundance of different trees and flowers all around us at this park. I love the creativity of the children. A couple, including my son (pictured here), tried creating animals with the leaves and other pieces of nature. I have titled my youngest, Pookie’s, collage Wind Swept as it looks like a gust of wind carrying petals and leaves on the wind.

We did one final art project before getting down to business with writing class. These skeletons were fun to make from Q-tips. And they each personalized them with the face art. I had one skeleton out as an example so they could get an idea of how to assemble the bones. Then their creativity took over🙂.

Find the skull print outs here:


Have a happy Halloween!

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