Reflections – #Haiku

Reflections “The way we experience the worldaround us is a direct reflection ofthe world within us.” Gabrielle Bernstein Here I find myself reflecting on the reflected. How cleansing and invigorating a walk through nature can be. It renews the soul and sets the spirit free. Silent statuesqueBeacon of serenityAmidst evolving world Glass lakeReflects timeSwept byContinue reading “Reflections – #Haiku”

A Mother’s Song – Poem

A Mother’s Song I marvel at your tiny toes, Touch my lips to your little nose. With every line, every wrinkle Perfection makes my eyes twinkle. I’ll seek to push bad from your space, But I’m flawed with a shield of lace. My embrace, a song of promise, A shelter bringing forth calmness. A lullaby,Continue reading “A Mother’s Song – Poem”