Swift Current Of Time

Swift Current Of Time Halt! The world Came to move, Crawl like life new Swift current of time Damned, it can never be As minutes move by nimbly The world can do nothing but watch Hours         Days                Months                           Flow on by as we hide Unstoppable is the outpouring ©Heather – Home Study From The GratefulContinue reading “Swift Current Of Time”

Our Place

Our Place Our place,Straws of laborAside time interlaceFor it’s you my child, we embrace,Ardor ©2021 Heather – Home Study From The Grateful Heart I saw this bird’s nest on the sidewalk during a walk in the fall. I was drawn to the structure of the nest and the leaves around it. It was my inspirationContinue reading “Our Place”

An Endless Blue Dream – #TANKA Tuesday No. 214

An Endless Blue Dream Golden rays smile downEagle moves kite-like acrossAn endless blue dreamNo clouds dare enter the sceneHere, there is no room for rain © 2021 Heather – Home Study From The Grateful Heart – All Rights Reserved Photos: by Dottie Ekas Sell Perhaps I should have shown an eagle soaring in the skyContinue reading “An Endless Blue Dream – #TANKA Tuesday No. 214”

The Color of Kings

Cool and calm like the oceans wide,Fieriness unable to hide,A perfect union to create me!So divine, I spark creativity.The color of kings, am IAll because of a precious dye.Only the wealthy could affordPhoenician wool. I was so adored! I’m found in purple wavesOf lavender fields on summer days.A relaxing aroma, calms your mind.Here inner peaceContinue reading “The Color of Kings”

The Plunge – #writephoto

The Plunge The air is unseasonably warm.Red and golds the trees adorn.A messenger, is the breezeWhispering of a new melodyA sturdy, dependable bridgeExpands from ridge to ridgeOver a river swift and dark Where few dare to embark.On the edge her toes curl.She looks down, another worldStares back. Love’s reflection Draws her in his direction.But on the bridgeContinue reading “The Plunge – #writephoto”